SR 300V48 - Sun Rose Family

SR300V48 is Alpha India's flagship distributed MPPT charge controller. It is designed for Energy Maximization on per panel basis. Each module runs on MPPT and has remote monitoring & control with several operational efficiency features

Alpha India's SR48 micro charger is a unique product in the market for distributed battery charger application and for diesel displacement systems. Its best suited for telecom (- 48V) application where the reliability is a key concern. The IP65 design mounting of these units outdoor right under the solar panel. The hybrid housing provided electrical safety and best thermal performance for longevity of the product.

Any battery levels that are integral multiples of 48V can be charged using SR48 in appropriate serial connection. Several strings can be connected in parallel for increased current. This also provides highest flexibility in system sizing & scaling in future for the increasing the solar contribution to system.

Our patented micro charger provides panel level performance tracking via a wireline or wireless interface system & the data could be monitored from anywhere in the world using web interface.

Product Highlights

  • Maximization of Solar Energy Harvest
  • Higher Power Conversion Efficiency
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Distributed System
  • Mix Matching Solar Panels

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