SR 600 – V96 / 120

SR 600 - V96 / 120 - Sun Rose Family

SR96 is designed for Energy Maximization on dual panel basis. It maximizes the harvest by distributed MPPT technology and also has remote monitoring & control with several operational efficiency features.

SR96 provides economical distributed charging options by adapting two solar panels in series per charger. Several such chargers can be connected in parallel for higher current, higher power capacity.

SR96 has a smart LED to indicate various operating modes & it also provides serial interface for monitoring and controlling individual units. The RS485 multi drop link facilitates reliable communication link even greater than 100m.

Our SR chargers with Solar Power Management (SPM) units provides all in one solution for retrofitting existing online/offline UPS systems to solar power systems

Product Highlights

  • Maximization of Solar Energy Harvest
  • Higher Power Conversion Efficiency
  • Remote Monitoring & Control

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