SmartHarvest SCCM 10-100 - MPPT Charge Controller Series

The most economical means of integrating MPPT technology into any PV system

SmartHarvest’s mission is to make the advanced technologies usually associated with premium PV energy systems available to users regardless of their system sizes or budgets. The SCCM10-100 accomplishes this goal by placing MPPT charge controller capability within the reach of a much wider application base, ensuring higher system yields at the power and size levels where that advantage can make the most difference.

By maxmizing solar energy harvesting under a wider variety of environmental conditions, MPPT technology helps the system extract as much electricity as possible for more effective energy storage—making the innovative SCCM10-100 ideal for use in efficiency-driven applications that can benefit from improved advanced charger technology.

Product Highlights

  • 10A/100V Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller for off-grid and grid-connected PV systems with energy storage
  • MPPT charge controller ensures maximum yield from available solar energy
  • Integrated LED display
  • Backed by OutBack Power’s global sales and support network

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