RS 485 Converters

RS 485 Converters - SCOM-USB

The PC-Remote Monitoring System (PC-RMS) is used to display, monitor, and configure the working parameters of SmartHarvest products. It is used to monitor connected devices to RS-485 bus. For SCCM series of products, PC-RMS enables the users to customize and configure a wide range of parameters.

User can run this software in Microsoft Windows®, workstation or notebook. It is supported by custom communication hardware (SCOM-USB) to interface with the device to be monitored.

Product Highlights

  • Enables live data monitoring with a real time clock.
  • Provides charge controller parameters in graphs and tables.
  • Provides alert and indication for panel voltage, battery voltage, unit temperature, etc.
  • Provides data table to view the parameters of charge controllers after every poll.
  • Enables customization of the polling interval time from seconds to 1 hour.
  • Enables configuration of battery settings, night light settings, identity settings, charging current for battery, and battery equalization charge for SCCM charge controllers.
  • Enables to view the Exports logged data (.csv) in Microsoft Excel® or equivalent spread sheet application.
  • Provides long term storage without memory limitation.

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