Solar Petrol Pumps

We offer excellent solutions for Petrol Pumps using solar power due to extremely remote location where grid electricity is available for few hours or not available at all. Our solar solution will support multiple fuel gun operation, switch automatically and spontaneously between the grids causing no harm to client. Use of solar energy in petrol pumps has proven to offer reliable operations of dispensing units even in load shedding hours.

  • Alpha India's award winning Sun Rose energy Maximizer running per panel MPPT to ensure the maximum possible solar energy harvest and not getting effected by partial shading, dirt, cloudy weather, panel manufacturing variations or panel aging variation.
  • The Sun Rose system will always produce maximum possible solar power available along with ensuring redundancy of the system, to provide increased reliability and uptime.
  • The Sun Rose system is complemented by SPM unit based on our innovative "Solar Power Management" technology for this application.
  • The SPM is the brain for the petrol station power systems managing multiple power generation and storage resources to be utilized optimally to reduce operating cost of grid and diesel usage.