Solar Home Lighting(DC)

Solar street lighting utilizes solar energy for charging during the day and illuminate during the evening, without any need of Grid Mains power, and is especially beneficial in rural and remote areas having no access to Grid Mains power. Alpha India offers a range of PWM and MPPT charge controllers for this application.

  • Alpha India's PWM Controllers are one of the most rugged PWM controller's in the market, extending its performance in remote areas and zero failure rate.
  • Alpha India's MPPT Charge Controllers is based on the revolutionary patented Maximum Current Point Tracking (MCPT) technology with Industry's leading Harvest efficiency making it one of the most advanced Solar Charge controllers available in the market. It is also industry's lowest standby current controller making the batteries to last longer under low solar illumination.
  • Alpha India complements this system by SMU unit based on its innovative "Solar Management Unit" technology for this application.
  • Automatic Dusk/Dawn & timing control options makes the NavSemi charge controllers suitable for street lighting applications. It also has an ability to charge mobile phones in the absence of electricity through built-in USB port.