Solar Home Lighting(AC)

Alpha India’s Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) offered for Solar Home Lighting System is a pure sine-wave inverter, MPPT solar charge controller, and battery charger integrated in a single, compact and sturdy enclosure with high performance and easy to install.

  • The PCU’s innovative, proprietary design includes a mains (grid) charging turn-off feature, enabling users to reduce their electricity consumption when conditions permit.
  • Designed for effective operation even with low sunlight and in an electrically-noisy operating environment, NavSemi’s PCU has the option of remote monitoring through Alpha India's web based PC-RMS software for a fully-flexible system solution.
  • Alpha India complements this system by SMU unit based on its innovative "Solar Management Unit" technology for this application.
  • The PCU is equipped with advanced safety features along with front panel LCD and LED indicators for fault notifications and functional analysis.